Olórìṣà Teens

Olórìṣà Teens

About this membership

This membership will provide teens with the basic knowledge of Ifá /Òrìṣà principles. These young people will be introduced to the spiritual/internal discipline and the fundamental ideals required to understand and take advantage of the empowerment that is available through Òrìṣà culture. 

The topics covered in this course will set a strong foundation for young adulthood and an opportunity to gain reconnection to the inner self and healing. This class will place an emphasis on day to day actions that can support a productive life and the function of culture as our solution and our medicine.

Membership Goals and Outcomes

  • To understand the basic principles of Òrìṣà spirituality
  • To be able to understand and apply personal divination to growth and development
  • To demonstrate responsibility and caretaking of personal pocket Èṣù
  • To prepare for and understand the importance of the Hand of Ifa ceremony 


  • Weekly online Òrìṣà Devotions
  • Weekly online application sessions dedicated to devotion principles
  • Yoruba classes with a participatory community chat group
  • Monthly physical gatherings with Òrìṣà teen community and special guest instructors
  • Special community events as planned

Length of Program

  • One Academic Year

Olórìṣà Teens Coordinator

Ìyálórìṣà kẹ́mi Craddock M.I.S.