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Do you yearn for a daily life that is steeped in spiritual values? If so, this is the place for you! What would it mean to have ire (the blessings of all the good things in life)? Become a member to meet your ire!

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  • 10% Discount for life on all events, subscriptions, and merchandise
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  • Join Òrìṣa Devotion Webinars and Rituals Every Sunday
  • Òrìṣà Spirituality class
  • Master the Invocations of various Òrìṣà
  • Òrìṣà eBooks
  • Òrìṣà TV
  • Òrìṣà Praxis and how-t0-guides
  • Òrìṣà Philosophy
  • Òrìṣà Liberation class
  • Òrìṣà Politics and Power class
  • Yorùbá Language classes
  • Attend live events in Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, or Atlanta, GA.

Live inspired! Reach your dreams. Become all Orí created you to be. Enrich yourself. Deepen your spiritual development. Pursue whatever level of spiritual or personal involvement makes you whole. We invite you to join our Òrìṣà Assembly. Take courses. Attend live webinars. Come to a retreat. We are committed to your spiritual growth and transformation.

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